Coronavirus Operations
We are fully open for regular classes with strict Covid-19 Precautions.

1)  Only students allowed in school.  No spectators.

2)  No one allowed in class that has 
    a) been exposed to anyone Covid positive or Suspected to have Covid in the past 2 weeks.
    b) has any Covid-19 symptoms

3)  Temperature checks on arrival.  Must be under 98.9 to attend class.

4)  ​Hand and forearm sanitation on arrival.


6)  Classes are broadcast live on our private Facebook Group page for parents to watch their children.

How We Have Keep Students Safe from the Beginning of Covid-19

The Kims' Martial Arts Association was ahead of the curve and anticipated the Coronavirus restrictions.

We were instructed to add online classes in March 2020 in case in school classes were eventually prohibited and there was a lockdown.

March 24th, 2020 we launched online Facebook classes for all students  in the Facebook groups: 

1)  Hwarang Warrior Martial Arts Child Students
2)  Hwarang Warrior Martial Arts Adult Students

and instructed all students to join.

We did the classes on Facebook Live for the 1st week and it went well.  2 students had very slow internet so we changed to recording the classes  and posting them and it has worked well.

We have continued private classes the entire time with increased safety restrictions such and bringing our own partner, temperature checks, hand washing, and classes being taught outside with social distancing.

When NC issued the stay at home order we were ready and our students have continued to learn and practice online and in private classes with so much positive feedback!  Students were loaned kicking pads and training swords to be sure they had the tools to practice at home and keep up.

When NC went into Phase 2 we went back to outdoor group classes with no more that 16 people to keep well below the phase 2 guidelines out no more than 25 people for outdoor social gatherings.  (No indoor classes)  Everyone was 15 feet apart, brought their own partners and they did not mix with other students.  Temperature checks on arrival and hand washing.  Everyone wore a mask, even if you were with a partner from your own house and were still 15 feet from everyone else.  Instructors maintained social distancing while giving guidance. Curriculum changes were made to focus on skills that favored social distancing.  We also starting doing some of the classes in the local park on hotter days for more shade.  It has been really great seeing the parents parter up with the children that don't have their own partner for social distancing and being involved more.  Parents are now coaches instead of just sitting on the sideline.  

Private Class Conversion:
If you want to convert your monthly membership fee to private classes typically one month of you fees converts to a 1 hour private class.

Private classes are normally $100/HR with Grandmaster Johnson if you bring your own partner.  However, if you are an enrolled student paying $55/month for the black belt club that $55 would still convert to at $100 private class.  

Thank you for your support.


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